How Many Visa Or Mastercard Credit Cards Should We Have?


Have Visa and Mastercard cards to be governed

  • Plan your expenses with your Visa or Mastercard credit card
  • Because having a Visa or Mastercard is a good idea
  • Why using another credit card can be bad?
  • Use debit card instead of cash

Have Visa and Mastercard cards to be governed


Today it is increasingly essential to establish a good credit history and to have a score with a score above the average . Having Visa or Mastercard cards will help you have greater chances of achieving higher credit limits, car or home financing etc.

When you can prove that you pay your bills on time, lenders will be more inclined to release higher limits and greater financial resources when borrowing money.

Get as many credit cards as you want, but you do not have to have all the cards in your wallet.

Usually when you get the approval of your first credit card, you will be inundated with attractive offers to over ask for more cards. It’s as if credit card companies shared their high or sometimes low credit score, their history, and their home address.


Guess what? They do not have as much power as some believe they have the CIA. However, just because you are getting invitations from banks and card administrators , does not mean that you have to request each of the proposals that come to your house and unlock the cards sent.

A single credit card with a medium or high limit and a solid payment history is all you need to get everything you need and keep your credit and finances in order.

Plan your expenses with your Visa or Mastercard credit card

 Plan your expenses with your Visa or Mastercard credit card

Your family budget should determine how much money you spend on average each month. What is it? Do not you have a personal or family budget ? Now is the time to embrace this tool.

You may find that regular shopping, paying bills for gas, electricity or water, food and sundries can be bought or paid for with your credit card.

Of course you can! But the accumulation of these small amounts would be easy to pay at the end of the month, especially if you have enough money to clear the invoice on the due date.

An example: if you keep many payments for your business expenses, and will be reimbursed by the company, then it may be advisable to have a separate credit card only for these types of purchases.

That way, it will be easy to relate in an expense report, what personal expense and what is spent from the company or the office. Different cards for different expenses, that is, each thing in its place.

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Because having a Visa or Mastercard is a good idea

Because having a Visa or Mastercard is a good idea

Some people think they should have an extra “for emergency use only” credit card.

The card would only be used when a sudden need like car repair in the workshop, renovations in the house or an extended weekend trip.

However, having a card without using it can be a problem, especially if it is a card that charges annuity. On the other hand, if this type is of the cardless mode without annuity, it may be a good thing to have just one of these saving as a credit supplement.

The very ideal is to have an emergency fund through separate monthly savings , but as not everyone can achieve this feat, having an emergency card does not seem to be so bad.

Why using another credit card can be bad?

Remembering that credit card use always generates a debt when it is used, and if you are going to use one more card, it is good to take into account the money that will be charged on the next invoice, and suddenly the balance of all invoices may be greater than your income.

Never forget that every time you slip or insert your card into a card machine, the billing will arrive, more sedo or later.

Also remember that the moment you do not pay the invoice balance, you will start to be charged with additional interest, fines and moratoria.

And if you’re one of those who does not like to lose money, be sure to keep credit cards under control.

Use debit card instead of cash

 Use debit card instead of cash

Finally, we have access to an excellent shopping tool at our disposal – debit cards linked to bank accounts. This allows us to have the convenience of sliding the card without the burden of future financial charges.

Using a debit card will not affect your life unless you use the account limit and do not pay, otherwise your expenses and debts will be paid always paid in cash.

Like credit card debit cards, that is, multiple cards, can help you avoid drop-offs at ATMs and still keep you in control of finances in an organized way.

Well, everyone can have as many credit cards as you want, whether Visa or Mastercard, Dinners, Hipercard or others, however, it is advisable to take the number of cards that do not compromise or make you spend more than you can afford with your monthly income and avoid leaving any account or bill back.