Best Non-Annuity Credit Cards Available In Brazil

What is a credit card annuity?


Annuity fee , by definition, is simply an agreement that requires the bearer to make a single payment or a series of monthly payments of a certain amount of money for a predetermined period of time.

The annuity applied to the cost of use on a credit card is a charge made on each year of the card’s birthday. This annual fee may be charged at:

  1. Conventional Credit Cards
  2. Rewards cards or;
  3. Luxury Card, Gold, Black, Diamonds etc,

Usually, you benefit in some way from having the credit card and the operator or administrator charges you for it. In this scenario, some charge little and others very expensive – but are there any exceptions? Yes!

When is a card with no annual fee worth it?


We delve deeper into the advantages of a free annuity card to understand the reasons for using one:

  • When a cashback card would meet your needs.
  • When you are primarily interested in building credit .
  • When that’s just one more fee to worry less.
  • When you know the card before using it as the primary means of payment.

Common Benefits of a Card with No Annuity or Annual Fee

 Common Benefits of a Card with No Annuity or Annual Fee

From the choice of the cards to the value of the expenses, it is possible to verify if there are a number of benefits, including if the card is without annual fees.

Although the rewards may not be as generous as on a card with annual fee pay, it’s still worth comparing. Below are some of the most common benefits of cards that do not charge annual fees :

  • No Monthly Annuity Fee : If you pay in full or in full the bill each month, in addition to avoiding penalties for late payment and interest, you can get rid of the annual fee if that is a feature of the card.
  • Good for short-term use : If you want a credit card to use it only in the first year, and do not intend to use it progressively, a non-annuity card may be a good choice.
  • Having a variety of card types : It is not possible to have too many cards and still bear all the collections charges, so if you want to have more than 3 cards, this is a great opportunity.
  • Good for Small Spending : If you do not plan on being a big spending spender with your card, you do not need a card with more valuable rewards that usually charge an annual fee, these types of charms are great.
  • Rewards and discounts : If you want to have cards that add the benefits of offering, bonuses, discounts, rewards and casback and with all this yet to pay annuity, that’s the way.

When applying for a card, you should do all the checks and comparisons to find out if it really is worth it or not hire it. Many cards have excellent advantages , but others just say they have, and do not actually charge the annuity fee.

We classify this way :

  • Card with no annuity fee for life
  • Card with no annuity fee in first year of use
  • Card with no annuity fee based on the value of expenses and purchases

In this segment of cards, the ones that have been requested the most are the already famous digital cards, in general they are without annuity and many of them are cards without consultation to Serasa and SPC.

The most interesting thing is that you can manage them by mobile and smartphone applications.

But there is also the possibility of finding many non-annuity cards offered by traditional banks and financial institutions. If you continue to pay your personal use credit card annuity, it may be time to review your concepts.

  • How to request your new credit card with a dirty name
  • How to get a bad credit card
  • Make a loan with a credit card
  • How to Compare Credit Cards the Right Way

Credit cards have evolved a lot, after the Nubank Card and the Inter Card , which are virtual cards, that is, digital cards, many citizens have opted for them for making spending control much easier.

Well, if you do not already have a non-annuity card , after reading this article, simply opt for some that we list as your best card without annuity, and we hope we can help you with the most appropriate choice.

What are the best cards without annuity?

 What are the best cards without annuity?

Below we list some of the best credit cards that have no annuity fee, with them you can use and abuse. Check out!

Card / Flag Annual Fee
Agibank Mastercard Card without annuity but with conditions
BB Ourocard without Annuity Non-Annuity Card for Invoices over $ 50
BMG Mastercard Non-Annuity Card for Civil Servants and Retirees
Citi Mastercard Card without annuity when promotional
Credicard Zero Mastercard Card without annuity
Digio Visa Card without annuity
Hipercard Card without annuity
Inter Mastercard Card without annuity
My Pag Mastercard Card without annuity
Next Visa Card without annuity when promotional
Nubank Mastercard Card without annuity
Original Mastercard Card without annuity
Petrobras Visa Card without annuity
Porto Seguro Visa Non-annuity card for invoices over R $ 1,500
Santander Free Mastercard / Visa Non-Annuity Card for Invoices over $ 50
Saraiva Visa Card without annuity
Card BanriCompras Card without annual fee or additional fees
IPlace Card Non-annuity card with up to 15/24 interest-free installments

Most used non-annuity credit cards


If you can have a credit card without the annuity fee why do you have to pay? That’s the big question. Not to mention that this type of card modality without a doubt fell in the popular taste and, in the economy of the Brazilian people their space.

Today the number of card per person is incredible, payment with plastic is one of the preferred options for shopping, making payments, controlling the finances and means safe use of money. The card without paying annuity is practical and inexpensive.

How to get annuity exemption on credit cards?

 How to get annuity exemption on credit cards?

The times have changed but we know that a few years ago having a credit card meant that the holder and additional cardholders had to pay annuity to use the card freely for a year.

That is, having a card was legally associated with the payment of fees and tariffs, in addition to high interest.

To know: ” The annuity is a charge made annually by the administrator, operator or bank that released the credit card, the amount is based on the type and services rendered. “

Here in Brazil or anywhere in the world, at annual rates and fees applied on cards, differ because of many factors. These factors may include:

  • Credit Card Category
  • Limit established for use
  • Card service
  • Monthly income of the applicant, etc.

However, you can now eliminate this annuity charge in two basic situations:

  1. Negotiate annuity waivers with your credit card carrier
  2. Hire a credit card that does not charge the annuity

If you want to experiment, in the market there are several alternatives of cards if you have an easy-to-hire annuity and no bureaucracy.

From here you will have access to a list with the 15 best credit cards, so one is the one that suits your profile.

15 best cards without annuity in Brazil

 15 best cards without annuity in Brazil

1. Agibank Card

Agibank is a digital bank that offers in addition to loans and personal credit, you have access to an account with a package of financial services that do not have charges and some fees. For those who wish to have a free digital account, this is a good option.

In addition to the digital account, the former Agiplan Bank, Agibank now provides a credit and debit card, which under certain conditions many annuity fees are exempt. The digital account is free and also diverse as the maintenance fee, withdrawals, transfers, deposit with ticket.

2. Credicard Zero Card

Credicard’s new credit card is zero annuity, using the MasterCard banner, the card assigns many differentiated benefits, you get special discounts when using Uber, when buying tickets at the website , numerous online stores and departments such as Netshoes, Magazine Luiza and the stores of Extra .

In addition to the benefits mentioned, Credicard Zero Card can manage all expenses through a downloaded application on your mobile phone and smartphone.

3. Digio Card

Digio is one of the best cards, along with Nubank and the Inter card, all of which are embedded in the new era of banking and financial services, and thanks to the service model, these cards have earned the attention and the pockets of the Brazilian public.

The Digio credit card also has no annuity, the flag is Visa and Digio’s request is simple and uncomplicated, access the website online or download the application for free (here ), the application is without bureaucracy you make the request in few minutes. Like all of the new card crop, Digio is fully managed by Android or iOS application.

4. Hipercard card

Hipercard is the oldest of all cards and has tried to evolve in the same way as its competitors were born. The Hipercard is free of annuity fee, in addition, you can ask for as many additional cards as you want. The Hipercard card without annuity is granted due to a partnership made with the Itaú bank.

Of all non-annuity cards, Hipercard is the one that has the least benefits to offer its customers when compared to the other free cards for request in the market. To get this card in the wallet, the applicant must prove:

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Minimum income: R $ 545,00
  • Length of service: 3 months

5. Inter card

Inter bank, became known using the former name of Intermedium Bank strengthened by offering consigned loan, grew, changed its name and today has a broad product and service line. Inter offers an international credit card with no annuity for its customers who have digital account, the Inter card flag is MasterCard.

To request an Inter Card without annuity, first open a digital account, it is easy and fast. Use the web site or the application available for all systems. The whole process of requesting the card, services and payment of the invoice is done through the bank’s website or by the Andoid application .

6. Next Card

The digital bank Next is connected directly to the bank Bradesco, the card offers a kit with package of free services known as “In the Strip”. With this package you can access the checking account without paying extra fees or fees, and still earn a Visa international credit card without annuity .

The benefits of Neste include many special discounts through the network of partners such as Uber, Airbnb and many other large companies. The holder of a Next card has access to the ATM network of Bradesco bank and in the 24 Hours network stations other than competitors who do not have their own ATM.

7. Nubank Card

The most well-known and famous of all cards without annuity and with many free services. Nubank now has over 3 million active users since its inception. Thanks to its business model, Nubank earns more fans and committed consumers every day and save on fees and annuities.

The Nubank credit card has no annuity, it is international, and its flag is the Mastercard. It was one of the first cards to apply full usage management through the mobile phone or smartphone. Just “have a problem,” to have a Nubank card, you need to receive a special invitation from an acquaintance who is already a Nubank customer, another way is to place the order on the site and queue up for approval. Learn more about Nubank .

8. Original Card

Original Bank came into play shortly, launched its international credit card with free annuity . The original card includes a scoring program called “Original Cashback”, very common in cards distributed in the US, the system returns money to the user, that is, part of the expenses made using the debit or credit is returned.

To request an Original International card, especially for those who are not registered, just download the application “Be Original “From your cell phone. Please request a new account and wait for it to be approved.

9. Ourocard BB Card

No one who gets in the way of the revolution of digital bills and the cards if annuity and tariffs, look at this promising market, Banco do Brasil also launched its credit card without annuity , and like the others, can be requested using the application, including by non-BB clients, incredible that – who would say. Other well-known options are the Saraiva and Petrobras cards that we list here in this article.

To request the BB Ourocard card without annuity, access this link , and click ” Ask yours already “. After completing the process, fill in the requested data such as the CPF number, date of birth, pass through the filter (I am not a robot), click on “Confirm”, follow the system, it is intuitive,

10. Pag Card!

A Pag! is a technological financial company created by the Avista Group, it arrived in the national market recently but promises to make noise to attract attention. Pag! Card is in the tail of the big cards without annuity, today it counts on more than 2,5 million requests and 400 thousand active clients in its base.

To purchase the Pag! also need to open a digital account, this is a procedure, the request can be made free of charge and totally online using the application “My Pag!” (Android or iOS ). The card Pag! uses the Mastercard flag and is international, not without annuity. Like Pag! you make purchases, deposits, transfers, payments, mobile recharges and more.

11. Petrobras Card

The Petrobras card is not one of the darlings, but it does not charge an annual fee and still allows the client to participate in the ” Petrobras Premmia Program “, it is not written wrong, it is the same, the program grants discounts on the purchase of fuel, and many other benefits.

The Petrobras non-annuity card is international and has the Visa flag with operator. The card is accepted in Brazil and worldwide as Visa.

12. Porto Seguro Card

The Porto Seguro card is not very attractive, its annuity is free only in the first year of use (12 months), you can buy the International, Gold and Platinum card. The Porto Seguro credit card helps to accumulate miles, these miles can be exchanged for trips or discounts.

Different from others, this card has the differential of 10% discount on the auto insurance of Porto Seguro group, but you can do this with your broker. The flag of the card can be MasterCard or Visa.

13. Santander Free Card

We can not conclude that Santander’s Free Card is totally free of annuity or that it has free annuity forever , it has a mandatory requirement of use, the client only has exemption from the annuity if it has predetermined monthly expenses. To have the free annuity fee, the card client must spend at least $ 100 per month.

The Santander Free card can be requested by non-account holders of Banco Santander, the use is international and the flag is MasterCard.

14. Santander Play Card

Another Santander bank card, Santander Play is a Mastercard exclusive card for university students.

The request for the card is simple and without bureaucracy, the bank does not require any proof of income, the requirement is that it be a student. Santander Play does not have the annuity charge, but the monthly invoice must be higher than the value of $ 50.00, otherwise the annuity fee will be charged.

15. Saraiva Card

Who does not have a Saraiva card? This card is one of the oldest in the market, and also one of the most popular in the Brazilian market thanks to the many benefits, the high limit and not to charge annuity rate of the bearers. The international credit card of the Saraiva bookstore is offered with the Visa flag, because you do not have to prove income.

In addition to the Saraiva card, there is no annuity, as the others also have a program for accumulating points for discounts and special offers in establishments, e-commerce and partner stores.

16. Banricompras Card

The Banricompras Card is exclusive for bank account holders Banrisul, like the others, is a card free of annuities, membership fees or fees and there is also no charge of interest on the value of the transactions.

The request can be made at one of the bank branches closest to your home. The benefits and advantages match most cards available without the annual fee, however, the carrier can have up to 60 days to pay for purchases.

17. iPlace Card

With the GoodCard banner, this card is accepted in thousands of establishments in Brazil and worldwide.

The great advantages is undoubtedly offered by Apple own card holder, with it customers can parcel their purchases in up to 15 times in stores of commerce, and in the stores of the brand, the products can be parceled in up to 24 parcels!

The iPlace card with no annuity , nor need to say that there is no charge of the annual fee, there is also no interest on the values ​​of transactions performed until the invoice expires. There are fees that are exempt, worth knowing more!

Other non-annuity card options

 Other non-annuity card options

Making upgrades and downgrades on cards is super normal, although you can simply order a new card that best suits your needs, if that is right for you.

If you want to have certain benefits on an older card, such as the higher credit limit, you should meet all the requirements, if you want to lower rates and rates, you may want to look for credit cards that offer the advantages you need.

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